Special Guidelines for Returning to Mass:

*** The dispensation for Sunday Mass attendance has been canceled. ***

Church re-opens for the public: As per the advice and law of the state, as of the weekend of May 23rd and 24th, 2020 we have reopened our church for celebration of the Mass, with the following guidelines:

  • Everyone should have a mask.
  • Sanitize yourself before and after leaving the church.
  • Stay 6 feet apart from each other, except families or couples living together.
  • Receiving of communion only in the hand, no Blood of Christ will be distributed.
  • Those who are sick should remain at home; Holy Communion will be brought to your home with prior request. Let Fr. David know who needs it.
  • Ushers will open the doors for you when you come in and leave out.
  • No physical signs of peace.
  • All the sacraments are to be celebrated with the above conditions.
  • In the case that someone has had the virus and no longer has symptoms, it is better that they stay home until they are able to provide two negative test certificates to Fr. David.
  • Every Mass will continue to be live-steamed on Facebook; (ID: stannparishlizana or davidmiltu)
  • Visiting the sick and bringing Holy Communion to the home bound will be available on Monday throughout the week.
  • There are other conditions that will be explained when you come to Mass.
  • We need volunteers to clean the church and the pews after every Mass, so please come forward. Thanks and hope to see you soon.