ACH Giving

ACH Direct Debit

Dear Parishioners:

Online GivingWe live in the electronic age.  Our children are very comfortable with this age.  They are used to Xbox, MP3 players, cell phones, and computers.  We know that the electronic age is here to stay and will continue to develop.

Many adults are comfortable with computers either at work or at home.  They keep in touch with friends through emails or even chat on line.  In many ways, computers have made our lives a little easier and more convenient.  We can now bank on line, have our paychecks deposited for us automatically, and have many of our bills, especially mortgages and utilities, paid by direct deposit.

Our church is offering our parish the opportunity to do direct debit for their contributions to the church.  Many churches are using direct debit already.

Stringent security measures are being used by both the bank and the church to make sure that both security and confidentiality are in operation and adhereed to at all times.  No personal information will be obtained.  The only information that is required is the same information that can be found on your check.

This useful tool is being offered at no fee to the parish.  The direct debit process has many benefits:

  • Allows members to make a commitment about their offering to the church in advance
  • The convenience of not having to worry about writing a check
  • While on vacation, your contributions are still being made to the church

We ask that you prayerfully consider this convenient option of direct debit.  The registration form can be found below.  Please note that the Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view/print this form and is available for free download.

Please print the form, complete, and return to the parish office.