Catfish Festival

St. Ann’s 18th Annual  Catfish Festival will be held Thursday, May 30 through Sunday, June 2, 2019.  See the Catfish Festival Flyer for the full schedule of events.

Please continue to pray for the success of our 16th Annual Catfish Festival. We appreciate the continued support and are always open to suggestions.

Festival Chairpersons:  Tyler & Gina Leverett

  • Donations Needed (if you can help by providing these donations, it would be greatly appreciated; please leave at the parish office; see the weekly bulletin for updates on quantities needed).

7 large boxes of minute rice (Sam’s)
14 cases of Angel hair pasta (Sam’s)
15 boxes of crock pot liners
Large container of season salt
3 boxes of salt
2 Salt and Pepper shakers
squeeze ketchup, mayo, and mustard
Box of serving gloves
hamburger foil
mop head
8 packs of large aluminum pans
Bay leaves
Gallon pickle relish
small box of SOS
2 gallons Clorox clean up
Gallon Mayo
2 cases of Hot dogs
Gallon zip lock bags (5 boxes)
2 bottles spray bleach
Large trash can liners (2 boxes)
Hamburger containers
Sliced cheese

  • T-shirts Now on Pre-order (order slips in the church pews)
    Long-sleeve – $18; Short-sleeve – $15; Tank-tops – $18.  (Add $3 to XXL or larger)

  • Raffle tickets ($1,000 and $10,000) Available for Sale Now!
    There is a list of parishioners selling the tickets available in the back of church.